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        2023.1.26 Xi'an

1.implies the last degree or stage of a long process or a stage beyond which further progress or change is impossible: the ~ collapse of civilization.
  a) mild
2.basically applies to the cutting down and usually collecting of ripened grain, and often suggests a return or requital: hoped to ~ the rewards of hard work.
  b) reap
3.stresses moderation or restraint of force or intensity: ~ weather; and is often applied to what induces a feeling of quiet beauty or serenity: spoke to the patient in a ~ tone.
  c) persuade
4.implies a tampering with or distorting of facts or reality that is usually, but not necessarily, deliberate and intended to deceive: ~ the records of a business to conceal embezzlement.
  d) ultimate
5.implies appealing as much to the emotions as to reason by such things as pleas, entreaty, or expostulation in attempting to win over: ~d them to obey the ceasefire.
  e) falsify
dbaec Right:)

1.characterizes that which outrages a sense of what is right, decent, just, or honorable: the ~ practice of stereotyping minority groups.
  a) achieve
2.implies a wrenching from the natural, normal, or true shape, form, direction: the odd camera angle ~s his face in the photograph.
  b) distort
3.can stress the skill or endurance as well as the effort involved in reaching an end : ~d the success that was her due.
  c) embrace
4.implies a reaching out and gathering of separate items into or within a whole: her faith ~s both Christian and non-Christian beliefs.
  d) abhorrent
5.presupposes a previous attainment of maturity or excellence and implies a turn downward with a consequent loss of vitality or energy: cited rock music as a sign of cultural ~.
  e) decadence
dbace Right:)

1.implies an arbitrary but not despotic determination, allotment, or designation for the sake of an end such as harmonious functioning, smooth routine, or proper or efficient operation: ~ a worker to the late shift.
  a) note
2.suggests the very smallest size or amount possible: not an ~ of dust escaped his attention.
  b) conformation
3.implies a complicated structure composed of harmoniously related parts: a ~ that is proportioned and symmetrical.
  c) assign
4.suggests a clear logical coherence and evident order of arrangement: an amazingly ~ description of nuclear physics.
  d) lucid
5.suggests a distinguishing mark or characteristic: a ~ of despair pervades her poetry.
  e) atom
cebda Right:)

1.stresses reliability, sureness, exactness, or accuracy: a photographer with an ~ eye for beauty.
  a) unerring
2.implies a wavering or stumbling and often connotes nervousness, lack of courage, or outright fear: never once ~ed during her testimony.
  b) falter
3.implies characteristics which startle because they are contrary to expectations, standards of good taste, rational thought, or moral sense: fond of ~ stories.
  c) accept
4.stresses a recognition of the sacredness or inviolability of the person or thing which stimulates the emotion: demonstrated a lack of ~ for the truth.
  d) shocking
5.adds to receive an implication of some degree of positive acquiescence or consent even if tacit: refused to ~ a valuable gift from a comparative stranger.
  e) reverence
abdec Right:)

1.implies great concern or apprehension and connotes thoughtful or hovering attentiveness: behaved with typical maternal ~.
  a) mite
2.may stress either smallness in size or minuteness in amount: doesn't have a ~ of suspicion.
  b) solicitude
3.stresses bloodshed and great loss of life: saw scenes of the crash and attendant ~.
  c) trick
4.implies an intent, not always vicious, to delude by means of a ruse or fraud: special effects can ~ moviegoers into believing anything.
  d) blandish
5.suggests open flattery and the obvious use of charm in an effort to win over: a salesclerk not above shamelessly ~ing customers.
  e) carnage
baecd Right:)

1.carries a stronger implication of absence of positive or affirmative qualities and commonly implies lack of effect, activity, or definite and concrete form: won't accomplish anything with such a ~ attitude.
  a) tittle
2.stresses lack of pretentiousness: a volunteer willing to accept the ~iest hospital duties.
  b) infallible
3.may imply that one's freedom from error is divinely bestowed: fundamentalists believe in an ~ Bible.
  c) negative
4.suggests deception by the adoption of a stratagem or the telling of a lie in order to escape responsibility or duty or to gain an end: obtained the papers by ~.
  d) lowly
5.has the same meaning as iota and jot but is usually used in the phrase jot or tittle: didn't care a ~ about the opinions of others.
  e) subterfuge
cdbea Right:)

1.implies the use of distinct intelligible language: so enraged that he was scarcely capable of ~ speech.
  a) twist
2.suggests the least feasible amount, extent, or degree: a movie that was a ~ too violent.
  b) fatal
3.implies exertion against great difficulty and specifically suggests persistent effort: continues to ~ for a lasting peaceful solution.
  c) bit
4.implies the influence of a force having a spiral effect throughout the object or course involved: the ~ed wreckage of a spacecraft.
  d) articulate
5.stresses the inevitability of eventual death or destruction: ~ consequences.
  e) strive
dceab Right:)

1.implies a freshening or energizing through the imparting or renewal of vitality: her appearance ~ies a weary drawing-room drama.
  a) resolve
2.suggests prolonged fretting over matters that may or may not be real cause for anxiety: a businessman’s endless list of ~ies.
  b) essay
3.implies difficulty but also suggests tentative trying or experimenting: had ~ed dramatic roles on two earlier occasions.
  c) vivify
4.implies a methodical reducing of a complex whole to simpler parts or divisions: ~ the budget to see where the money is going.
  d) break down
5.often suggests only the separation or division into elements or parts: matter ~d by the microscope into distinct cells; or its change of form or metamorphosis: hatred ~d by suffering into tenderness.
  e) worry
cebda Right:)

1.often interchangeable with satisfy, may imply more abundance or richness in measuring up to a need that is less calculable, more immeasurable: a son who ~ed his father's fondest hopes.
  a) employment
2.implies a temporary cessation or, more often, marked decline, as in the violence of a storm or in business activity: the storm strengthened again after a ~.
  b) slip
3.implies work for which one has been engaged and for which one is being paid: ~ will be terminated in cases of chronic tardiness.
  c) lull
4.implies an intentional deferring usually to a definite time: the game was ~d until Saturday.
  d) postpone
5.stresses inadvertence or accident and applies especially to trivial but embarrassing mistakes: during the speech I made several ~s.
  e) fulfill
ecadb Right:)

1.implies adroit handling and often suggests the use of craft or fraud to attain one's ends: brutally ~s other people for his own selfish ends.
  a) awful
2.implies the putting of someone into one's debt by doing something that is pleasing: ingenuous and eager to ~ everyone; and is commonly used in conventional acknowledgement of small courtesies: much ~d for their warm hospitality.
  b) hearten
3.implies a thorough integration and harmonious cooperation of the parts or the body or organization that results from such a uniting: the ~ of thirteen diverse colonies to form one nation.
  c) union
4.implies the lifting of a dispiritedness or despondency by an infusion of fresh courage or zeal: a hospital patient ~ed by the display of moral support.
  d) manipulate
5.implies the creating of an awareness of transcendent or overpowering force, might, or significance: waited in the ~ dark for their rescuers to come.
  e) oblige
decba Right:)

1.suggests duplicity or treachery or action contrary to one's professed attitude: the guerillas accused the go-between of ~.
  a) endeavor
2.suggests an angry fit of indignation: walked out of the meeting in high ~.
  b) whit
3.heightens the implications of exertion and difficulty and connotes a striving to fulfill a duty: ~ed to find survivors of the crash.
  c) dudgeon
4.used chiefly in negative phrases, implies the least conceivable amount: cared not a ~ about their opinion.
  d) aspect
5.may stress the point of view of an observer and its limitation of what is seen or considered: an article that considers the financial ~s of divorce.
  e) double-dealing
ecabd Right:)

1.suggests an agent that pillages, destroys, or ravages and the resulting confusion and disorder: the ~ of the earthquake.
  a) temper
2.may additionally imply a fitness for or appropriateness to the situation or occasion: a topic not ~ to our discussion.
  b) gull
3.stresses credulousness or readiness to be imposed on or made a fool of: you are so easily ~ed by these contest promoters.
  c) coax
4.suggests an artful, gentle pleading in an attempt to gain one's ends: ~ed their friends into staying for dinner.
  d) havoc
5.strongly implies an accommodating to a special need or requirement and is likely to suggest a counterbalancing or mitigating addition: ~ justice with mercy.
  e) germane
debca Right:)

1.implies a tendency to favor one of two or more actions or conclusions: ~d to do nothing for the moment.
  a) anxiety
2.stresses anguished uncertainty or fear of misfortune or failure: plagued by ~ and self-doubt.
  b) quandary
3.implies the cutting off or removal of an essential part of a person or thing thereby impairing its completeness, beauty, or function: a poignant drama ~ by inept acting.
  c) mutilate
4.stresses the puzzlement and perplexity of one faced by a dilemma: in a ~ about how to repair it.
  d) hoax
5.implies the contriving of an elaborate or adroit imposture in order to deceive: ~ed the public by broadcasting news of a Martian invasion.
  e) incline
eacbd Right:)

1.suggests unwariness in the person deluded: ~d us into buying a lemon of a car.
  a) suspend
2.implies the absence of anything that might disturb, stimulate, or irritate and may suggest insipidness: spent a week on a ~ diet.
  b) dupe
3.implies a temporary stopping with an added suggestion of waiting until some expressed or implied condition is satisfied: all business has been ~d while repairs are being made.
  c) bland
4.suggests a far removal from one's point of view, time, or location and is likely to connote a consequent lessening of importance to oneself: spent her life on a ~ island.
  d) horrific
5.suggests qualities or properties intended or suited to produce a horrible effect: a ~ account of the tragedy.
  e) remote
Wrong:( bcaed Right:)

1.suggests the stopping or checking by an intervening obstacle, agency, or authority: measures intended to ~ the rapid rate of inflation.
  a) deform
2.is often used in the sense of false show and implies an unwarranted belief in one's desirable qualities that results from conceit or self-deception: harbored ~s to wealth and good breeding.
  b) cajole
3.may imply a changing of shape, appearance, character, or nature through stress, injury, or some accident of growth: relentless winds ~ed the pines into bizarre shapes.
  c) mark
4.suggests enticing or alluring through beguilement: ~d by his friend into trying the exotic dish.
  d) pretension
5.suggests something impressed on or inherently characteristic of a thing often in contrast to something outwardly evident: the bitter experience left its ~ on him.
  e) stay
edabc Right:)

1.may apply to any purposeful activity whether remunerative OR not: her work as a hospital volunteer.
  a) work
2.suggests an easing up or relaxing of power or effort: he needs to ~ his pace if he intends to finish the race.
  b) vacillate
3.implies artful persuading or flattering to attain a thing or a purpose: always able to ~ her doting grandfather out of a few dollars.
  c) slacken
4.implies rigid and unfailing adherence to, observance of, or respect for truth: a politician not known for his ~.
  d) cozen
5.implies prolonged hesitation from inability to reach a firm decision and suggests the play of opposing factors that results in indecision: ~ed until it was too late and events were out of control.
  e) veracity
acdeb Right:)

1.implies an amount of a substance or quality that is within the range of visual or mental perception: a rumor without a ~ of truth.
  a) dreadful
2.implies a break in continuity and is especially applicable to an interval available for some new or special activity: no one should work day after day without ~.
  b) inerrant
3.is likely to imply a going back to a former, often a lower, condition: ~ed to an earlier, less civilized state; but it can also apply to a returning after interruption: after careful consideration he ~ed to his first decision.
  c) revert
4.stresses the fact that no mistakes were made: an ~ interpretation of the most demanding role in drama.
  d) particle
5.applies to what fills one with shuddering fear or loathing and strikes one as at least disagreeable or extremely unpleasant: cancer is a ~ disease.
  e) intermission
decba Right:)

1.suggests a marked and felicitous relevance: the anecdotes in his sermons are always ~.
  a) consonance
2.implies the fact or means by which harmony is achieved through coincidence or concurrence: immediate ~ of action and custom.
  b) revive
3.can imply a welcoming recognition: ~ guests with open arms; but more often it implies that something comes or is allowed to come into one's possession or presence while one is passive: ~d the news without comment.
  c) apposite
4.is likely to stress levity with a hint of smartness or amusing effrontery: made a ~ retort.
  d) saucy
5.may imply recovery from a deathlike state, such as a stupor or faint: ~ him from a faint with cold water; but is widely applicable to restoration to a flourishing state: the showers ~d the withering crops.
  e) receive
caedb Right:)

1.implies oneness especially of what is varied and diverse in its elements or parts: a multiplicity of styles effectively combined into a ~ of architectural design.
  a) dissect
2.suggests a searching analysis by laying bare parts or pieces for individual scrutiny: commentators ~d every word of the President's statement.
  b) vitalize
3.suggests a torturing often persistent grief or dread: the ~ felt by the hostages.
  c) unity
4.implies interfering with something in motion or in progress by the often intentional placing of obstacles in the way: the view was ~ed by billboards.
  d) anguish
5.may stress the arousal of something more or less inert or lifeless, often by communicating an impetus or force: took steps to ~ the local economy; or an imparting of significance or interest to something: a set of images that ~ the story.
  e) obstruct
cadeb Right:)

1.is likely to suggest a loss of identity in what is taken in or an enrichment of what takes in: a lotion ~ed quickly by the skin.
  a) animate
2.implies a subduing of all that is vivid, intense, or forceful until it is agreeably soothing: took a walk in the ~ evening air.
  b) soft
3.may stress either finality or abruptness in stopping or ceasing: the engine faltered, sputtered, then ~ altogether.
  c) absorb
4.is likely to imply a natural or homogeneous association of similar things or persons: a ~ of bananas.
  d) bunch
5.emphasizes the imparting of motion or vitality to what was previously deficient in or lacking such a quality: telling details that ~ the family story.
  e) quit
cbeda Right:)

1.usually used with on or upon, carries a strong implication of overcoming opposition or reluctance with sustained argument or pressure or cogent appeals: ~ed upon them to stay for the night.
  a) terrific
2.suggests what is both relevant and opportune: for your term paper use only ~ quotations.
  b) inflate
3.applies to something intended or fitted to inspire terror as by its size, appearance, or potency: a ~ outburst of fury.
  c) pickle
4.implies distension by or as if by the introduction of a gas or something insubstantial and suggests a resulting instability and liability to sudden change: an ~d ego.
  d) prevail
5.implies a particularly distressing or sorry plight: conflicting obligations that that put me in a real ~.
  e) apropos
deabc Right:)

1.implies such a startling or outrageous quality as produces utter consternation or a paralysis of fear: a ~ tornado.
  a) metier
2.suggests a settled and predictable leaning in one direction and connotes unfair prejudice: ~ed against young urban professionals.
  b) frightful
3.implies a calling or pursuit for which one believes oneself to be especially fitted: from childhood I considered acting my ~.
  c) bias
4.may go even further in stressing minuteness or scarcity: left them without even a ~ of hope.
  d) terrible
5.suggests painfulness too great to be endured or a capacity to produce and prolong extreme and agitating fear: caught in the grip of the ~ maelstrom.
  e) smidgen
bcaed Right:)

1.implies a solid pounding or beating that produces a dull booming sound: heard the ~ing and banging of carpenters working on the floor below.
  a) trump
2.implies an exact or close imitation of an existing thing: ~s from the museum’s furniture collection.
  b) respite
3.implies a period of relief, as from labor, suffering, or war, OR of delay, as before being sentenced or before having to pay money due: enjoyed the brief ~ between attacks.
  c) devastation
4.implies a widespread laying waste, as by war or natural catastrophe, but it is also applicable to something that overwhelms an individual with comparable decisiveness: tried to overcome the ~ of losing a spouse.
  d) reproduction
5.sometimes stresses the taking of necessary measures beforehand to make a result certain or to provide for any probable contingency: careful planning should ~ the success of the party.
  e) insure
adbce Right:)

1.refers to the sudden occurrence or intensification of a symptom or a state and to its recurrence: ~s of fear.
  a) wallow
2.suggests a stimulating influence that arouses from dullness or torpidity: ~ed his lecture with humorous anecdotes.
  b) paroxysm
3.suggests a firm, neat union or effective consolidation of parts within a small compass: a ~, muscular body.
  c) compact
4.basically implies a lurching or rolling to and fro, as of a hog in the mire or a ship in a troubled sea, and may imply complete self-abandonment: ~ing in self-pity; or absorption: ~ed in the romantic music.
  d) enliven
5.stresses the fact of stopping and ordinarily implies an expectation of resumption, as of movement or activity: spoke during a ~ in the music.
  e) pause
bdcae Right:)

1.applies to an occupation viewed as a vocation or profession to which one has been drawn by one's nature, tastes, or aptitudes: I feel the ministry is my true ~.
  a) inerrable
2.implies a rasping discordant but insistent quality, especially of voice: the ~ voices of hecklers.
  b) glower
3.stresses the initiation or beginning of an effort and often suggests the strong possibility of failure: will ~ to photograph the rare bird.
  c) calling
4.may be preferable when one wishes to avoid any association with religious or papal infallibility: no reference source should be considered ~.
  d) attempt
5.implies a direct defiant brooding stare or glare as in contempt or defiance: the natives merely ~ed at the invading tourists.
  e) strident
cedab Right:)

1.applies to something the sight of which induces fear or terror combined with loathing or aversion and suggests hatefulness or hideousness: the ~ carnage of war.
  a) bother
2.implies a return to consciousness, health, or vigor often by the use of remedies or treatments: hearing can sometimes be ~d by surgery.
  b) restore
3.suggests bewildering or upsetting interference with comfort or peace of mind: that discrepancy ~s me.
  c) horrible
4.stresses reduction of what is excessive without necessarily reaching an optimum: the sun ~d the chill.
  d) moderate
5.suggests a menacing darkness or gloomy anger and refers either to persons OR to skies that promise bad weather: ~ed as he went about his work, never uttering a word.
  e) lower
cbade Right:)

1.stresses forgetfulness, weakness, or inattention as a cause: apart from a few grammatical ~s, the paper is good.
  a) balmy
2.suggests refreshment and sometimes exhilaration, frequently coupled with a suggestion of fragrance: an unusually ~ day in early spring.
  b) lapse
3.implies expression of affection by gentle stroking or patting: the ~ of a soft breeze.
  c) diverse
4.implies a monetary penalty fixed within certain limits by law: the library ~s careless borrowers a few cents a day to encourage prompt return of books.
  d) fine
5.implies both distinctness and marked contrast: such ~ interests as dancing and football.
  e) caress
baedc Right:)

1.stresses the application of close observation and attention to minute detail: closely ~d the bill from the hospital.
  a) try
2.suggests a flowing through a channel or from an opening or the abundance or continuousness of that flow: tears ~ed from her eyes.
  b) concern
3.stresses effort or experiment made to test or prove something: ~ied several times to find a solution.
  c) stream
4.stresses orderly disposition, sometimes by aligning but often by separating into classes according to some plan: students ~d in groups by age and gender.
  d) range
5.implies a troubled state of mind and the interest, relation, affection, or responsibility that produces it: your happiness is my only ~.
  e) scrutinize
ecadb Right:)

1.applies to a transient feeling of wounded vanity: in a ~ she foolishly declined the invitation.
  a) trickery
2.stresses an intent to mark boundaries so as to prevent confusion, conflict, or overlap: ~d clearly the limits of their freedom.
  b) define
3.implies ingenious or dishonest acts intended to dupe or cheat: will resort to any ~ to gain her ends.
  c) pique
4.implies an ease or coolness under stress that reflects perfect self-control and command of one's powers: she answered the insolent question with complete ~.
  d) self-possession
5.adds the implication of obvious, often vain display of one's satisfaction and commonly suggests less justification: ~d herself on the obedience of her staff.
  e) plume
cbade Right:)

1.is likely to imply a struggle to reach a contemplated or desired goal or end: ~ed a measure of self-confidence from the experience.
  a) gain
2.may be used in the sense of work or occupation but often suggests activity in commerce or the management of money and affairs: the ~ of managing a hotel.
  b) contrary
3.implies work in which one engages regularly or by preference, especially as a result of training or experience: his ~ as a trained auto mechanic.
  c) occupation
4.implies a temporary suspension of work or activity: children playing during the morning school ~.
  d) recess
5.implies extreme divergence or diametrical opposition of such things as opinions, motives, intentions, or ideas: ~ accounts of the late president's character.
  e) business
aecdb Right:)

1.suggests contemptible timidity or lack of courage: ~ politicians feared crossing him.
  a) frown
2.implies supremacy in importance, rank, or jurisdiction: inflation was the ~ issue in the campaign.
  b) intrude
3.suggests rudeness or officiousness in invading another's property, time, or privacy: didn't mean to ~ upon the family's private gathering.
  c) paramount
4.implies a stern face and contracted brows that express concentration, bewilderment, anger, displeasure, or contempt: the teachers ~ed on my boyish pranks.
  d) qualify
5.emphasizes a restricting that more precisely defines or limits: ~ied her praise with some doubts about the project.
  e) pusillanimous
ecbad Right:)

1.suggests a similar expression that conveys bad humor, sullenness, or resentful puzzlement: a grumpy old man who ~ed habitually.
  a) scowl
2.suggests a transferring that removes something from one's immediate control: ~ed my paintings to a gallery for sale.
  b) mangle
3.implies oppression of the mind by responsibility and apprehension: a face worn by a host of ~s.
  c) care
4.implies a tearing or crushing that leaves deep extensive wounds or lacerations: thousands are ~ every year by auto accidents.
  d) inoculate
5.implies an imbuing or implanting with a germinal idea and often suggests surreptitiousness or subtlety: tried to ~ the child with a taste for opera.
  e) consign
aecbd Right:)

1.suggests a capacity for keen gratification: seemed to utter the denunciation with great ~.
  a) relish
2.suggests being pervaded by usually agreeably stimulating emotion that sets one atingle with pleasure, horror, or excitement: a ~ing detective story.
  b) grovel
3.stresses a sudden arousal or renewal of physical, spiritual, or intellectual life or activity especially in something inert: the arrival of spring ~s the earth.
  c) prescribe
4.implies a crawling or wriggling close to the ground in abject fear, self-abasement, or utter degradation: ~led for forgiveness.
  d) quicken
5.implies an authoritative pronouncement that is clear, definite, and incontrovertible: the ~d procedure for requesting new supplies.
  e) thrill
aedbc Right:)

1.stresses a relaxing, softening, or calming influence: the ~ effect of lanolin.
  a) offense
2.characterizes the position or methods of the attackers with specific reference to their desire for supremacy: went on the ~ to gain as much ground as possible.
  b) lenient
3.suggests ordinariness and homely simplicity: she comes from ~, hard-working stock.
  c) plain
4.applies to what produces fear, agitation, loss of courage, or mere disquiet: a ~ predicament.
  d) fearful
5.implies a deep or inconsolable distress or misery: cries of ~ echoed throughout the bombed city.
  e) woe
bacde Right:)

1.implies hardness together with lack of elasticity or flexibility or toughness: elderly patients with ~ bones.
  a) pursuit
2.describes what strikes one with dismay as well as terror or horror: had to perform the operation under ~ conditions.
  b) assemble
3.may apply to two contrasting things appearing repeatedly one after the other OR to every second member of a series: club meetings on ~ Tuesdays.
  c) appalling
4.implies an orderly union or organization of persons or things and a conscious or definite end for their coming or being brought together: the country's leading experts on aeronautics ~d under one roof.
  d) alternate
5.suggests a trade, profession, or avocation followed with zest or steady interest: her family considered medicine the only proper ~.
  e) brittle
ecdba Right:)

1.implies a start of a movement away prompted by shock, fear, or disgust: ~s at the sight of blood.
  a) mispresent
2.implies absolute proscription and expected obedience of an order from one in authority: smoking is ~den in the building.
  b) analyze
3.suggests separating or distinguishing the component parts of something (as a substance, a process, or a situation) so as to discover its true nature or inner relationships: ~d the current problem of trade imbalances to discover its basis.
  c) raucous
4.implies a loud harsh grating tone, especially of voice, and may suggest rowdiness: a barroom filled with the ~ shouts of drunken revelers.
  d) recoil
5.usually implies an intent to deceive and may suggest deliberate lying and often bias, prejudice, or a will to be unfair: ~ the value of property offered for sale.
  e) forbid
debca Right:)

1.implies persistent or repeated efforts to impress on the mind: ~d in him high moral standards.
  a) iota,jot
2.refers both to bearing and demeanor often as indicative of mood: a ~ of supreme self-satisfaction.
  b) mannerism
3.applies to an acquired peculiarity of behavior or speech that has become a habit: gesturing with a cigarette was her most noticeable ~.
  c) inculcate
4.are used interchangeably to mean the smallest or most minute detail or amount: tried to remove the last ~ of doubt; added not a ~ to their knowledge.
  d) mien
5.implies the use of force OR ingenuity in freeing from a difficult position or situation: a knack for ~ing himself from damaging political rows.
  e) extricate
cdbae Right:)

1.implies a manifest self-possession in trying or challenging situations: handled the horde of reporters with great ~.
  a) adjourn
2.implies suspension until an appointed time OR indefinitely: ~ a meeting.
  b) common
3.stresses the use of soft words, artful flattery, or seductive appeal: ~d the old man out of his money.
  c) huff
4.implies usual everyday quality or frequency of occurrence: a ~ error; lacked ~ honesty; and may additionally suggest inferiority or coarseness: his ~ manners shocked her family.
  d) wheedle
5.implies a peevish short-lived spell of anger, usually at a petty cause: in a ~ she threw the ring in his face.
  e) aplomb
eadbc Right:)

1.implies outward expansion caused by pressure from within: a stomach ~ed by gas.
  a) obey
2.applies to any boat or ship that plies the water and is often a vague or general term: small ~ darting in all directions.
  b) dictate
3.implies an intent to provide explicit direction or clear guidance to those who accept or are bound by one's authority: the Constitution ~s the conditions under which it may be amended.
  c) distend
4.implies an authoritative directive given orally or as if orally: in matters of love, do as the heart ~s.
  d) prescribe
5.is the general term and implies ready and submissive yielding to authority: ~ed her parents.
  e) craft
cedba Right:)

1.stresses urgent necessity more than absence or shortage: everyone ~s a friend.
  a) secure
2.applies to things that are pleasant and agreeable rather than harsh, tough, fierce, strong, or irritating, and that produce a sense of placidity or tranquility or restrained power: a ~ rain.
  b) gentle
3.implies the taking of action to ensure safety, protection, or certainty against adverse contingencies: ~ their cooperation by payment of a large fee.
  c) need
cba Right:)