How to Start a Company

Elon Musk’s Eight Advice

Posted by on 2022.10.12, 69 views

Elon Musk - How to create a company

1. “Eat the glass” - be ready to face many obstacles but don’t get discouraged

2. “You need to clean the dishes” - you have to do the tough stuff as well as the enjoyable stuff

3. “Like whatever you’re doing” - you will think about it even when you’re not working

4. “Have the courage to take risks”

5. “Admit your mistakes” - you need to be quick at fixing mistakes to be successful

6. “Seek out negative feedback” - A well formulated critique is as valuable as gold

7. “Build a passionate team” - attract great people

8. “Concentrate on your product” - build the thing that’s the most useful for your customers