【同义词辨析】 2020-10-26 伪誓似乎招致跳水克制(5小组一起记)

(1) 伪誓
perjure: in general as distinct from technical legal use, implies making a liar of oneself whether under oath or not: refused to ~ himself on anyone's behalf.   oath宣誓,保证在法庭说真话a sworn declaration, especially that one will tell the truth in a court,如is she prepared to give evidence on/under oath她愿意宣誓作证吗?  如the judge reminded the witness that he was still under oath法官提醒证人他是宣誓作证  还表示一般的宣誓,如they swore an oath of loyalty to the country他们宣誓要报效国家,swear比较常用,等于oath

forswear: implies a violation of one's oath, promise, or vow or sometimes of something , such as one's principles or beliefs, that is as sacred as an oath: ~ the laws of her country in order to save the life of her child.     vow=oath,vow尤指宗教的誓,誓言,誓约

perjure伪证、违背誓言: 作法律术语表示作伪证,此外可泛指违背誓言,无论是否宣誓,forswear发誓放弃: 指发誓放弃誓言,或同誓言一样神圣的原则信念

记忆方法: 1)练习一下

         2)伪誓的意思是违背誓言mean to violate one's oath or make a false swearer of oneself.

(2) 似乎
seem: is likely to suggest an opinion based on subjective impressions and personal reaction: ~ed to be strong and healthy.   reaction反应,这里指感觉feelings

look: implies an opinion based on general visual impression: ~ed exactly like this picture.

appear: may convey the same implications as look but often it suggests an obviously distorted impression: an explanation that ~ed to be true.  distort使失真使变形

seem似乎: 指根据个人主观感觉印象而形成某种观点,look看似: 指基于视觉印象,appear看似: 同上,但常指显然错误的(视觉)印象

记忆方法: 1)练习一下

         2)似乎的意思是给人印象,但未必真实mean to give the impression of being as stated without necessarily being so in fact.       "似"是形声字,从人以声。本义1、 "像,相像",如相似类似骄阳似火如胶似漆  引申为2、不确定好像,如似乎疑似看似似曾相识。似字的构造含义不明

(3) 招致
incur: usually implies responsibility for the acts that bring about what is incurred: a couple who adopts a child ~s a great responsibility.  incur expenses/debt/responsibility招致开销/债务/责任

contract: more strongly implies effective acquisition but often no definite responsibility for the act of acquiring; it also suggests a meeting between two things that permits transmission of something from one to the other: ~ a disease.   如he contracted a debt of $3,300负债3300美元,如evil habits are easy to contract染恶习容易

catch: implies the acquiring of infection and in its broader use implies an acquiring through personal contact or association: ~ their interest.

incur招致: 常指自身对此负有责任,contract传染沾染: 仅表示带来,不强调责任,catch传染、吸引: 指被传染,或吸引他人的兴趣或注意力

记忆方法: 1)练习一下

         2)招致的意思是带来不想要的mean to bring something, usually unwanted, upon oneself.

(4) 跳水
plunge: stresses the force of the movement and may imply entry into any penetrable substance or into a state or condition in which one is overwhelmed or immersed: he ~d eagerly into the new course of studies.   overwhelm压倒immerse淹没   习语to take the plunge长期考虑后作决定做某事to do something after thinking about it for a long time,如yesterday we finally took the plunge and bought a new car昨天我们最终下了决心买了辆新车

dive: suggests intent and may imply more deliberateness and more skill than plunge: pilots trained to ~, climb, and bank in unison.

pitch: is likely to stress lack of all intent or design: she caught her heel in a crack and ~ed to the ground; or may imply the alternate forward and backward plunging of a ship or a spaceship: struggled to control the capsule as it ~ed and yawed.

plunge跳水暴跌: 指用力跳入,dive跳水潜水: 更具有目的技巧,pitch下坠: 指因为失控而下坠,或一前一后下坠

记忆方法: 1)练习一下

         2)跳水的意思是跳入水里mean to throw oneself or to throw or thrust something forward and downward into or as if into deep water.

(5) 克制
refrain: is likely to suggest the checking of a passing impulse: ~ from laughter in church.     check克制或阻碍行为行动to restrain or impede an activity or progress。  restrain克制to hold back from acting or from going to extremes避免做某事,避免走极端,如restrained themselves from trading insults保持克制避免互相辱骂   这里check和restrain同义

abstain: usually implies deliberate renunciation or self-denial on principle and often permanency of intent: a vegetarian who ~s from all meat.

forbear: usually implies self-restraint rather than self-denial, be it from patience, charity, or clemency or from discretion or stoicism: taught himself to ~ such expressions of anger.      教自己克制住自己,不这样表达愤怒,形容词forbearing表示能够容忍他人的,如a forbearing teacher宽容的老师        stoicism对痛苦默默承受,坚忍

refrain克制冲动: 指克制一时冲动,abstain放弃戒除: 指为了原则目标而放弃享受、坚韧克己,forbear克制: 指自我克制,而非放弃享受

记忆方法: 1)练习一下

         2)克制的意思是主动不做某事或不沉溺于某事mean to keep oneself voluntarily from doing or indulging in something.